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"Life changing experience doing the intensive 12 week transformation with Ryan. Great results and good fun along the way. Ryan goes above and beyond provide support beyond just the classes and nutrition and tailors the course to best suit you. Would definitely recommend!" - Nick Haywood, United Kingdom

"Ryan has been a great trainer! He has helped me a lot, both with exercise and the nutrition part. You can tell he has a lot of experience in his field, and is passionate about it, which I think is very important when choosing a coach. He helped me reach my goals, and I would highly recommend him for everyone who wants to see results quickly!" -Marte Molvaer, Norway

"The Rapid Fat Loss Program was one of the toughest fitness programs I've done but the results speak for themselves! I lost over 26.5 pounds (close to 2 stone) of body fat! I feel and look better than ever and I've gained massive amounts of confidence as a result. Ryan really paid close attention to what I was doing and was always there to support me personally which made the exercises and dieting less complicated than it originally seemed. I would absolutely recommend RF Transformation Academy to anyone who wants to make a positive change in their lives!" -Callum South, United Kingdom

"In only 6 weeks I have lost almost 2 inches off my waist, while getting more toned overall. Training with Ryan has made me much more confident and I highly recommend training with him!" -Mayura Pakirathan, United Kingdom

"The fitness and diet plan was personalised directly for me identifying not only my aim (body toning), but also my previous experience (first time gym user) and current fitness level. Despite being very challenging, the workouts were always achievable and enjoyable which led to me being highly motivated all throughout the programme. Ryan was also very supportive, motivational and informative. I would highly recommend training with Ryan, regardless of your fitness goals!" -Beth Franks, United Kingdom

"RF Transformation Academy has helped me understand my body much more, not only from the exercise plans, but also from the diet plans and the amount of sleep I was getting. Ryan was able to guide me every step of the way as I progressed through the program, and I was able to see great improvements in my strength while losing close to 7 pounds of body fat in just 6 weeks! Ryan delivered the information in concise chunks that were easy to absorb. He was also able to educate me on how much food I should be consuming daily and after the program, I have a much better understanding on how to eat healthily. I really recommend training with Ryan! The concepts taught here and how we should look after ourselves is not something that is taught in schools and what I have learnt would definitely help me in my life." -Chia Wei, Singapore

"Being a student, I find it difficult to fit exercising and eating right into university life. I like that on his online training programme, Ryan provides regular check ups  to ensure that I am following the plan and that everything is going smoothly. As a result of his training, I am much more confident in gym environments. Now, I also have the ability to use different equipment and understand the benefits of various exercises. I highly recommend his online training services!" -Rosie Breen, United Kingdom

“Ryan has helped me develop much more confidence in myself. The training is hard but it is worth it. Thanks to it I have learned to push my limits further and further.” -Alexandre Linot, France

“I could not find a more efficient and useful training anywhere else, both psychologically and physically. It is very rare to find a trainer that knows when to push you to your limits and when you need to rest. His mindset is to the point and efficient, teaching you about the reality of combat. The time I spent training with him changed my perspective on how to deal with stress and how to be confident.” -Alexis Gautier, France

“I have been following Ryan’s course for a few months now. It has proven to be very useful. It is very diverse yet everything we learn is useful. The organisation and the length of the class is very good. Every move we learn is simple yet very effective and the physical training at the beginning of the class is very good to develop your mental and physical strength.” -Nicolas Selukov, France

“I really enjoy the great atmosphere and the training. I have learned a lot and lost over 13 pounds, while gaining muscle. I recommend this to any one seeking a good and intense training.” -Sebastian Priarollo, France

“The self defense course has been a very fruitful and enjoyable experience! I’ve learnt a lot from the instructors and it’s really great that they offer a lot of different techniques and advice on how to protect yourself. They are very friendly and knowledgeable and I wish I had more time to continue lessons! Thank you for the great lessons!" -Ma Yue Ru, Singapore

“I greatly enjoyed this self defense course as it not only improved my fitness level and taught me useful techniques to protect myself, it also raised my awareness of safety in any environment I go to. The trainers have been friendly and helpful, sometimes personalizing techniques especially for females. Hence, I really recommend this course for all women regardless whether they are heading overseas or not as self defense is an essential knowledge to master anywhere in the world!” -Tong Jiayin, Singapore

“Ryan has taught me many ways to defend myself from an assault. The training also helps me to be more motivated to do physical exercises and it helps me to stay fit.” -Meriadeg Le Neel, France