Who do I work with:

I train clients from all walks of life, from university students to stay home moms to CEOs of big companies.  Nowadays though, I specialise in coaching busy working professionals, who find it difficult to fit training and eating healthily into their hectic schedules. I help people look and feel good naked, quickly and effectively.

Overall Experience:

  • Founder of RF Transformation Academy, which uses a complete and holistic system towards effective and sustainable body transformation.
  • Co-founder of the JF Self Defense system. Together with my dad, we developed a simple but effective self defence and conditioning system for civilians, which helped many people from all walks of life get fitter, and feel safer and more confident.
  • Over 8 years coaching and training personal, group and corporate clients.
  • Over 16 years martial arts and combat training.
  • 2 years military service (Combat role in the Army & Air Force).

I have also been featured on Bidvine (United Kingdom) as a top personal trainer and success story. In addition to being featured in several different publications in Singapore, for my unique self defence and fitness system.

Education & Certifications:

  • BSc sport & exercise sciences
  • Diploma sport & exercise sciences
  • Certified nutritional therapist level 5, HSA
  • Certified onliner trainer, OTC
  • Certified in exercise & fitness, ISPA

Martial Arts & Self Defence Experience:

  • Over 6 years coaching self defence, mixed martial arts (MMA) & kickboxing
  • Diploma in Korean self defence
  • 1st degree black belt hanmudo
  • 1st degree black belt hapkido
  • Other styles that I have trained in include, taekwondo, Brazilian jiujitsu, krav maga, boxing, judo & aikido

My Story

I have always been involved in sports and fitness. I started martial arts at the young age of 9 years old and hold 2 black belts. I have also trained seriously in over 7 different combat forms over the years.

I entered the military at the age of 18, and served for 2 years. After which, leaving and starting my first company in Singapore with my dad, specialising in my own unique system and philosophy of self defence and fitness, which I ran successfully for over 5 years.

I then moved to London, and graduated with a degree in sport and exercise sciences. After which, I developed a holistic and complete transformation system which got me endorsed, and earned me a spot as a tier 1 graduate entrepreneur in the UK.

In April 2017, I decided to start my second company, and RF Transformation Academy was born.

Based on everything you have read above, you would think that I was in great shape most of my life… However, that’s not true. As a result of my martial arts and military background, I collected multiple injuries over the years. Some were more serious than others, which put me out of any training for months at a time. That put me in a depressed state in which I turned to endless nights of partying and heavy drinking, resulting in me gaining a lot of weight during certain low points in my life.

This is why I completely understand how immensely difficult it is to get back into a fitness routine, once you have stopped. The longer you stay away from a healthy lifestyle, the harder it becomes to get back into it again.

Before I qualified as a level 5 nutritionist in addition to my degree in sports and exercise sciences, I also had no idea on how to eat properly. Most nutritional information given out by trainers or found online contradicts one another, and I never had a clear picture on what was actually going to work or not.

There is so much confusion and misdirection in the fitness industry, that it is almost impossible for a person that is untrained in the science of sports, fitness and nutrition, to make sense of it all. Even after studying, I had years of trial and error and working with various people before I started to get a clearer picture on what actually works and what does not.

This is why I want to dedicate my life to helping you. I want your fitness journey experience to be life changing but also enjoyable. I want you to feel that exercising and eating right, isn’t that difficult nor complicated. Don’t get me wrong, you will still have to work hard to achieve the body that you want. But... It is a lot easier and simpler when we work together, to achieve your goals.

For you to break out of a negative cycle, and make some positive changes in your life, you need to be able to tackle your issues from all angles while moving out of your comfort zone. In the case of achieving your fitness goals, you have to combine the right exercise plan, with the right nutritional strategies, together with some awareness and lifestyle changes. Tackling your fitness goals from one angle only, will either be ineffective and/or non-sustainable. A holistic approach is the key to your success.

I strongly believe that by using a holistic system with an online platform, I can reach out and impact the world significantly by transforming, educating and empowering people on their lifelong fitness journey. I am very excited to see how many people across the world will benefit from the RF Transformation Academy system, and I hope we get the opportunity to work together, towards achieving your fitness goals.

RF Transformation Academy will consist of 3 main types of training.

  1. Online based training. A client sign ups for one of my packages, he/she will be given access to a private members site whereby, workouts, nutrition, body measurements can all be tracked easily and carefully monitored by both the client and myself. Best of all, the private members portal will also come with a mobile app, allowing ease of use anytime and anywhere.
  2. In-person training. London based training for clients that require the extra motivation and support.
  3. RF Train the Trainer system. Designed for trainers looking to take their business to the next level.

Next Steps...

Let's discuss how we can work together to get you from where you are now, to where you want to be.